hi, i’m Abbey. 

     i am a multi-disciplinary designer
     based in Brooklyn NY. 


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    01.   summation
    02.  puzzle zine
    03.  FUNHOUSE branding
    04.  DUSK typeface
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summation, 2024

this is an in-progress book for novelist George Byron Wright. 

the novel follows main character Michael as he completes his recently deceased father’s final wishes. Michael flies from Portland, Oregon to Jupiter, Florda and collects his father’s body along with seven letters that his father requested to be delivered post-mortem. Michael then embarks on a cross country road trip—and through delivering the seven letters—encounters a variety of characters from his father’s past. 

two essential aspects of the novel are the distance travelled, and the letters delivered. the display typeface alludes to the time period and the importance of the hearse that Michael drives cross-country. the start of each chapter includes a custom stamp for each state that the chpater takes place in. the chapter header is designed to look like the heading of a letter. the paragraph divider is a symbol of the 1950s hearse. 

- book design

the addicted, 2024

branding and apparel design developed for an owner-run gym in Portland, Oregon. the addicted has three essential building blocks that owner Thien Joshua Nguyen suggests makes a strong excercise routine—ambition, dedication and discipline. 

- branding
- apparel design

puzzle zine, 2021

this project is an exploration of intentionally niche design. i wanted to create a zine about my love of puzzles. i chose to use the script from a single episode of Sherlock—a study in pink—in which the plot of the episode revolves around solving puzzles. i typeset with the intention to have the paragraphs to alternate directions, and the pages to be printed out of order. once printed, with the pages out of order, i then added a handwritten math problem on each page. when the problem is solved it indicates which page to turn to.

- risograph zine


brand identity for

- brand identity

DUSK, 2021

handdrawn digital typeface
using Glyphs app. includes
lowercase, uppercase
and select characters.

- typeface design