hi, i’m Abbey. 

     i am a multi-disciplinary designer
     based in Brooklyn NY. 


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    1. puzzle zine
    3. 9/11 conspiracy theories
    4. manifesto of surrealism
    5. DUSK typeface


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puzzle zine, 2021

this project is an exploration of intentionally niche design. i wanted to create a zine about my love of puzzles. i chose to use the script from a single episode of Sherlock—a study in pink—in which the plot of tghe episode revolves around solving puzzles. i typeset with the intention to have the paragraphs to alternate directions, and the pages to be printed out of order. once printed, with the pages out of order, i then added a handwritten math problem on each page. when the problem is solved it indicates which page to turn to.

- risograph zine


how does an avant-garde book form manipulate the way we interpret an otherwise recognizable storyline? WONDERLAND is an exploration of craft and book form through the lens of the 1951 Alice in Wonderland film adaptation.

the opulent psychedelia exhibited within the 1951 film adaptation of Alice In Wonderland has been a lifelong influence of mine, within my personal style and my design practice. The quote “nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t” appears within the first minutes of the film, and serves as the crux of WONDERLAND. In saying so, Alice fantasizes about a world where everything is whimsical and wondrous.

in WONDERLAND, i employ Alice’s fantastical perspective to explore three avant-garde ‘book’ forms. The first exhibits the full script through the form of a risograph printed card deck. as the cards are shuffled, the narrative scrambles, and in turn offers an unlimited array of reading experiences. the second presents the film’s stills and script in the form of a gown. the flatplan of the book is printed onto the fabric of the dress with the pages scattered amongst the many skirts and pleats. the third highlights the title of the project which is then embedded onto the surface of tea cakes, and features an original typeface inspired by the hand-drawn letterforms within the film.

the exploration of the three books—playable, wearable, and edible—culminates in an installation where guests are immersed into the world of my own personal WONDERLAND.

- editorial design
- 4 color risograph prints
- dye sublimation printing
- hand-sewn gown
- installation design
- typeface design

9.11 conspiracy theories, 2019

this book is comprised of the 9.11 consipracy theories wikipedia page—then typeset into book form. in the design i wanted to match the absurdity of the topic. the text blocks are designed as towers that diminish with every chapter. 

- editorial design

manifesto of surrealism, 2022

a zine using the manifesto of surrealism—by André Breton— where an additional layer of printed text on is added with each consecutive page. througout the zine the words of the manifesto become unintelligably blured. 

- editorial design

EYES&EDGE fall editorial, 2020

for this edition of EYES&EDGE i was given free range to experiment with a different typesetting style for each editorial. 

- editorial design